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New Podcast

TheS2SPodCast As of May 24, 2020 TheStrive2Survive now has our own podcast! Of course we’ll be discussing all kinds of topics pertaining to survival but we’ll also be diving deep into information that could make your survival even more important than the gear we all

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COVID-19 Temporary Bans/Sponsorship

Yesterday I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw one of my friends had shared a post saying the State of Mississippi had passed a permanent burn ban until after the COVID-19 situation has ended. This ban not only affects our abilities to record/video certain content but it

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New Contributor/Fellow Reviewer

Please welcome Tactical Torture to TheStrive2Survive! Also make sure to check out their YouTube channel and subscribe for some brutal review and gear testing! Great content with some great products too! Want to add your website here? Let me know and we can discuss it. Email

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YouTube Channel Name Changed

In order to separate ourselves from those that have similar names on the old interwebs and YouTubalision, I changed the name on ALL our social media accounts. Yes, this took some doing but I feel like it was the smart thing to do. I just got the site built so we’re

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The COVID-19 CoronaVirus

Despite your beliefs concerning the current virus threat, I feel it’s important that everyone (yes, you too) to take this event seriously. I say this because there seems to be a wealth of disinformation being posted about a new threat that we, honestly, know very

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