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3 Days or 72 Hour Kits. Let’s Talk.

So, since getting into survival back in 2009 or so, I’ve seen the 72 hour or 3 day survival kits just like you have. They’re everywhere. Articles, videos and tons of preppers and survivalist have based their kits around this “magical” time period that honestly, never really made much sense to me.

Now before you lose your mind just hear me out. What scenario that you can think of, maybe other than a very isolated, personal event, that would only last 3 days? Even the after affects of a house fire or car accident could linger on well after 3 days. Let’s take a look at the current COVID-19 event we’re experiencing right now. How long has this been going on now? All depending on where you’re at in the world it could be as long as 5 to 6 months. Here in the US it’s been a couple of months now for most of us, basically since the first week of March 2020. That’s 60 days and still going folks.

I do think preparing a bug out bag with AT LEAST 3 days worth of supplies is a good idea but 3 days should be the minimum time period, not the maximum. You may also need to plan to re-stock your items somewhere along your trip all depending on how far you plan to travel. You can do this at your chosen bug out location or use “cache’s” you’ve stashed along the way. All depending on your plan and working out how long it will take to realistically get to your restock point will determine the amount of items you’ll need to carry in your pack. It’s really that simple.

Also consider when stocking water and food for your pack think of where you can restock those items (if you can at all) and how much you’ll need for your bug out. Water is among the heaviest item you will carry in your kit and also the most important. You can live through many things but dehydration is not one of them. Staying hydrated is key to your survival. Period. “They” say you can live for 3 days without water but imagine being on the move, burning more than 5000 calories per day with nothing to drink. You won’t make it past 2 days before you’re completely wasted. There are so few scenarios I can think of that only last 3 days or less (car breaking down, power failure, storms, etc) that I believe it’s a much smarter to think longer term for your packs, but hey that’s just my opinion.

Do you think 3 days or 72 hours is a good time frame or are you preparing for a longer period of time? What items will take you past the 3 days mark into a week or longer? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Thanks and stay safe!

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