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COVID-19 Temporary Bans/Sponsorship

Yesterday I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw one of my friends had shared a post saying the State of Mississippi had passed a permanent burn ban until after the COVID-19 situation has ended. This ban not only affects our abilities to record/video certain content but it also affects our sponsors that have placed there trust in us to perform these tasks. To say that I was not happy when I read the article would be a huge understatement, especially considering 4/10/2020 was a scheduled video/photo/media shoot date and 3 out of 4 new items we’ve recieved involve, guess what…. FIRE.

So because of this and and any possible future laws and/or bans, I’ve decided to extend current and future sponsorships until after things in the US get back to normal. (ie: I can record making fire videos again) In a sense, we’re freezing time, as all sponsor packages normally would expire in 12 months, now this is no longer the case. During this “suspended time” we will continue to share any and all content we can for sponsors and record other videos on their behalf but we must abide by local and national laws. This is a difficult time and we must act accordingly, with integrity and do the best job we can to honor the commitments we’ve made to our supporters.

I’ll be reaching out to our current sponsors to discuss strategies and different ideas on how we can navigate these and future challenges as they arise.
Thanks and stay safe!

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