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The History behind Strive2Survive

We’ll be going back in time quite a ways but I’ll try to make this as brief as possible. Let’s begin around 1975, roughly, when I was 8 years old. Because my Dad, my brother and pretty much all my uncles were really involved in the outdoors, spending time on the lake or in the woods was just part of my DNA. I’m not sure I could erase that DNA, even if I wanted to but no worries because I’m very thankful of the way I was raised, the things I learned (most the hard way) and the people who influenced who and what I am today.

At 8 years old I joined the Cub Scouts and while my time in the Cub Scouts was fairly short, I remember learning to craft things using natural materials for the first time. We made bird feeders, used pocket knives and other tools
but most times we just ran around like wild animals out in the woods. Playing and acting like idiots, we had so much fun. As I remember it now, the crafting projects were more like work but it was still way more fun than any subject we had in school.

Still, around this age I shot my first gun and spent most of my time in the outdoors with my family on the lake, fishing from my Dad’s old Bass Bomber fiberglass boat. I still remember when he got the boat and the deal he got on it. I won’t go into details but let’s just say I wish I could find that same deal today! He basically stole the thing. What’s the old saying?
“It’s all in who you know.”

We also spent some time hunting different game with my old man but hunting (at that time) was more of a “man” thing than it is today. My Mom and aunts would almost always go fishing with us but I don’t ever remember a single trip they came along to go hunting. Most likely because they just didn’t have the urge to kill anything and thought animals were too cute to shoot. Yes, it was a different world back then.

Fast forward to 2010 while we were called to a 401K meeting for the company I was working for at the time. The meeting was lead by some Wall Street, financial guru guy who gave us some “behind the scenes” info where he also explained there was a “dip” or “change” in the market every 5 to 8 years and the history of the stock market, pretty much supported his claims.
After this meeting I started doing some research on financial collapses. I read tons of articles, watched documentaries and movies. You name it. I checked it out. And thus began my entrance into the “survival and prepping” community. As times had changed, so had the opinions about this community which I found really strange. When I was a kid, raised around farms and in very rural areas, everyone prepped. They didn’t call it prepping then. They called it groceries. It was just common sense not to have to run to town every day to buy food and/or supplies. Everyone had a pantry filled with food they had canned themselves and store bought canned foods as well. Water came from a well that you could fetch without electricity if you needed to and life was great. Water straight from the ground is still, to this day, the best water I’ve ever drank. No filter, no screening, no treatment. Straight from the source.

So now I needed to go back to those days and re-learn some things I’d forgotten, learn things I never knew and try to put together a plan. Researching, reading, watching, trial and error. You name it, I’ve done it. And I’m still doing it today. As I write this I’m always looking for a better tool, product and/or method to make surviving not only something I “need to do” but part of my life. Follow along as I strive to improve my skills every single day.
~ Greg